Male Menopause or Low Testosterone?

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Dr Webberley MBChB MRCGP MFFP. GMC no 3657058

Dr Webberley MBChB MRCGP MFFP. GMC no 3657058

NHS GP and Sexual Health Specialist


I am an NHS GP with specialist qualifications in Sexual Health.

I understand how hard it is for men to ‘open up’ about themselves, but I have nearly 20 years of experience in looking after patients with ‘Sexual Health’ problems and anxieties.

I am happy to help you try and understand what may be happening to you as you get older and what options are available to you

Men are typically not very good at understanding or discussing their bodies

Although there is a huge amount of knowledge about the female menopause, the so-called ‘male menopause’ is more poorly understood and not talked about amongst men

Testosterone levels can drop off in later life which can have a huge impact on psyche, libido, body shape and overall masculinity and may be completely unrecognised

If you would like free and confidential advice as to whether this is happening to you and how to investigate and treat it, then you can contact me here.


T-Test – are your testosterone levels low?

If you feel that your Testosterone is low, take the simple ‘T test’ below to get an idea and I will get back to you

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……and I couldn’t understand why I was so listless and irritable all the time. My wife and family were fed up with me. I did the T test as a bit of a joke one night when I was randomly browsing and was surprised to get an email response from Dr Webberley almost immediately. She recommended home blood tests for testosterone which came back as low. I have been on treatment for the last 3 months now and what a transformation! Back to my normal self! More energy and interest and even seem to be able to think more clearly at work. I can’t thank Dr Webberley enough for her amazing service!

Nick H

Brilliant prompt service from Dr Webberley and her team and so approachable. Diagnosed and sorted out my problems really quickly. On testosterone now and noticing the improvements already. Thanks so much!

James D

…..thought I was ready for the knacker’s yard, but have had a new lease on life. Got a new girlfriend and just taken up golf! Really feel I am living again…….

Mr T

Thank you Dr Helen and Katie! You have really given me a new life.


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