Our Service Standards

MyWebDoctor has been set up to assist individuals with their medical needs.

We know we can’t please everyone all the time and our process isn’t always what people expect. But whatever the outcome of your enquiry, we hope you will be satisfied with the level of service we provide.

We know that, as in any organisation, things can sometimes go wrong. Please tell us if this happens, so that we can put things right and learn from any mistakes.

This page tells you about the service standards we aim to meet and what to do if you are unhappy with the service we have provided.

If you would like to make a formal complaint please contact the Clinical Support Team for our complaints leaflets or speak directly to Marianne who will look into your concerns.

Our Contact With You

In all our contact with our patients we expect our staff to be polite, considerate and professional while maintaining compassion and discretion.

Many of the enquiries we receive are of a very personal nature and can be quite complex. However, we will always try to explain your options clearly, without using jargon. We will also ensure that you only receive medical advice from a fully qualified professional.

Some enquiries can take longer to move to the point of treatment, prescription or referral, dependent on the background and any tests or additional third party involvement required. We will always endeavour to respond to initial enquiries within 48 hours of receipt and keep to that timetable ongoing. However, where we hit a particularly busy period we will keep you up to date of any expected delays.


We aim to be accessible to everyone, whether you are fully computer literate or would prefer to converse by phone and post.
If you have other accessibility or practical needs, please let us know. We will try to help.


At MWD we welcome feedback on what we did right for you and what you feel we could do better. We view such feedback as a way of improving our service.

If You Are Unhappy About The Service We Have Provided

If you are unhappy with the process at anytime, tell the person handling your enquiry. If we cannot resolve the dispute informally to the satisfaction of both sides, it will be for one of our managers to make a decision on how to move forward.

Please also let us know if you are unhappy with the level of service we have provided – whatever the actual stage you get to in our process or with our service offering. For example, we want to hear if you think, in dealing with your enquiry, we have:

  • treated you rudely or unfairly;
  • failed to explain things properly; or
  • caused unnecessary delays

We take complaints like this about our service very seriously. If we get things wrong, it’s important that you tell us, so we can try to put matters right. This also helps us improve our service in future for other patients.

What To Do If You Are Still Not Happy

Tell The Person Dealing With Your Case

The first step if you’re not happy is to tell the person dealing with your enquiry. Most of the time, they’ll be able to get things sorted for you straight away. You can do this by the contact form on this website, phone or email.

Telephone: 02477220180

Email: doctor@mywebdoctor.co.uk

Tell The Complaints Officer

If you don’t feel the problem has been sorted out, the next step is to speak to Marianne – the Head of Therapy and appointed complaints officer. Marianne will look into your concerns – and let you know what they think.

The Case is Escalated to CEO

If the team manager isn’t able to sort things out, you can ask for your case to be escalated to look into your concerns. The doctor will respond to you as soon as possible, and within 3 working days. If they need more time, they’ll let you know and explain why.

Your Personal Data

Information Governance (IG) is about how we look after your information.  It ensures necessary safeguards for, and appropriate use of, patient and other personal information to ensure that we handle it carefully and confidentially.

Your right to confidentiality and privacy

Clinicians, Counsellors and who works for MWD are required to comply with the requirements of the Data Protection Act 1998 and the NHS Confidentiality Code of Practice. To help with this, we have appointed a Caldicott Guardian.  A Caldicott Guardian is a senior person responsible for protecting the confidentiality of patient and other service user information, and enabling appropriate information sharing.

Our Caldicott Guardian supported by the Executive Administrator. The Caldicott Function has responsibility to champion patient confidentiality and support staff in making decisions about how your information is handled.

We have a legal and ethical duty to keep your health records confidential.  However, very occasionally we are required by law to pass on certain information about you without your consent.  For example, this could be in the event of certain infectious diseases, in response to a court order or to help the police investigate a very serious crime. We will also share information with other agencies where there is danger of harm to a child or a vulnerable adult.

Your Personal Health Records:

The information in your health record is used primarily to treat you.  We will only share your information with other health and social care professionals either with your consent or in your best interests, for example, in an emergency situation.

How can I access my records?

You are allowed, by law, to access your written or computerised medical records.  We will require your request in writing and we may ask you for proof of identity.  We may charge a fee to cover our administration and photocopying costs. If you would like further information or a copy of your records you can speak to the Clinical Support Team who will be able to assist you.


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