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High Blood Pressure

Take some blood pressure readings and send them to me with your age and weight and I’ll tell you if you should be worried.

High Cholesterol

Do you need a cholesterol test or have you had one and want to know what it means? Ask me here.

Erection problems

If you need help or advice with your erection difficulties then ask me here.

I also offer a very low cost private prescription service.

Hair Loss

If you need help or advice with male pattern balding then ask me here.

Propecia is a safe treatment to reduce hair loss in men.

Prostate Enlargement

ALL men fid that their prostate gland enlarges with age and this causes problems with their waterworks. If your flow is reduced or your are going more frequently or have to rush and then leak. Ask me for advice on simple medication that can help.

Prostate Cancer

A very simple blood test could save you life.

If you would like a simple and easy home testing kit or more advice on detecting this problem, then ask me today.

Testicle Lumps

If you have any lumps or bumps then describe the to me here and I will advise you on what to do.

100% confidential advice.


For free and confidential advice on any of your symptoms or concerns. I can advice you on what tests and treatments you may need. So from Chlamydia to HIV, ask me for advice.

Most tests can be arranged from your own home.

As a fully qualified doctor, I can help you with any aspect of your heath. Just because I haven’t listed it here doesn’t mean I can’t help!
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Dr Webberley is an NHS GP in South Wales, and is theFounder of My Web Doctor – offering easy access to real advice from your phone, tablet, PC & armchair!