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Why are we giving our primary school aged children anti-depressants?

Dr Helen Webberley of www.mywebdoctor.co.uk is on the front line when it comes to dealing with children with mental health conditions. “As a GP and Gender Specialist,” she says, “I work with children with a variety of problems, but this statistic really does shock me.

“Depression can occur in two broad ways – it can happen out of the blue for no reason (extraordinarily rare in children) or it can happen because stress, anxiety and difficulties have been going on for so long that the brain’s “coping chemicals” – serotonin and noradrenaline – can get depleted and they need a top-up with medicines (anti-depressants).

“For children to be suffering for so long that their coping chemicals get used up, they must be going through some tough times, and this clearly needs exploring.”

What Is Labiaplasty? ‘Designer Vagina’ Surgery On Rise Among Under 18 Girls

“For some women with longer labia minora (the inside lips), they can be very irritating when they rub on jeans or trousers and in some cases an operation may be warranted,” Dr Helen Webberley, a GP running the online healthcare service My Web Doctor, told HuffPost UK.

“However, in modern society, where many feel a need to look and be perfect, and where plastic surgery and other beauty modifications are so easily accessible, younger and younger people are seeking intervention.”

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