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By Dr Helen Webberley MBChB MRCGP MFSRH | GMC no. 3657058

I am an NHS GP and a sexual health and hormone specialist. I can give advice on any medical matter, and I offer safe access to medical advice, prescription medication, blood tests and x-rays, and specialist referrals to your local private hospital as needed.

HIV – Human Immunodeficiency Virus

  • Spread through unprotected vaginal, anal sex, and oral sex (less likely), sharing sex toys, sharing needles/injecting equipment.
  • Women who are infected can pass the virus to their baby before or during birth or through breast feeding
  • HIV is more commonly diagnosed in men who have sex with men (MSM), having unprotected sex with a drug injecting user, having sex with someone from a country where it is more common eg sub Saharan Africa
  • Infected blood products or medical equipment in some countries, this is extremely rare in the UK
  • There is no cure for HIV but if diagnosed early and with modern medicines people who are HIV positive can generally stay well and live to normal age expectancy
  • There is an online test available for HIV
  • Being diagnosed with HIV can be life changing and will require specialist care and support and management of medications through a specialist clinic
  • If you are diagnosed as HIV positive your current partner and any recent partners will need to be contacted and tested. Staff at specialist clinics can do this for you and maintain your confidentiality

Additional Information

What is PEP? Post Exposure Prophylaxis

  • PEP may be recommended if you have been at high risk of acquiring an HIV infection following sexual contact
  • It involves taking a 4 week course of anti-HIV drugs to prevent the transmission of a possible infection
  • Treatment needs to start within 72 hours of the exposure to risk, the sooner the better
  • PEP is available online

What is PrEP? Pre-exposure prophylaxis

  • PrEP is a once daily tablet of Truvada (a triple therapy drug) for use by adults that are at high risk of acquiring HIV.
  • It is a highly effective treatment at reducing the transmission of HIV
  • The medication is taken before sexual exposure
  • Prep is available online
  • If you are in a higher risk group of getting an infection it is also recommended you are vaccinated against Hepatitis B (please note there is a current national shortage of this vaccine but should still be available for those at high risk)

What is AIDS? Acquired immunodeficiency syndrome

  • This is the most severe phase of HIV. People with AIDS have such badly damaged immune system that they get an increasing number of severe illnesses, called opportunistic infections
  • This stage of HIV is now known as late stage or advanced HIV
  • This stage of HIV is much less common now with effective medications and is more likely to occur in undiagnosed HIV which was acquired some years previously

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We can offer three packages for sexual health screening

Package 1

Basic Chlamydia/gonorrhoea urine test

Package 2

Test for 7 infections- Chlamydia, Gonorrhoea, Mycoplasma Genitalium, Ureaplasma, Trichomonas vaginalis, Herpes Simplex 1/11 and Gardnerella vaginalis

Package 3

Blood tests- HIV, Syphilis, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C

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