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Slash the costs of staff sickness by having your very own company doctor.


“It is so easy now we use this service. Anyone wanting the day off to see their GP, or trying a fast one when you know they’re not ill has to ask Dr Webberley. She is firm but fair and can have prescriptions delivered to the office. Our sickness rates have plummeted.




If your employee want to go home because they’re not feeling well or they are too poorly to come to work, then they must ask me first. Rather than have the morning off to visit their GP, they can have quick advice as they need it.

Huge reductions in staff absence.




Acute and repeat prescriptions ordered and delivered to the office.




No more waiting for scans and x-rays. These can be arranged privately and reduce staff absence while waiting for appointments to come through.




Private appointments arranged at private hospitals close to you. Better value in the long run than expensive private medical insurance schemes.



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